I love my new Archer!

I began sewing this Grainline Studio Archer shirt a week before having the little one. It was ambitious, but I had some time on my hands. Then, it sat on my desk for a few weeks, because THERE IS NO TIME TO SEW when you’ve just had a little one. Period.


A friend had told me that I needed to make it to week 6 and things would start getting better. Well, this isn’t a mommy blog (nor will it ever be), but suffice to say that things did get better and the Archer was dusted off and completed. I didn’t even try to pattern match every line, but it’s pretty close – pocket placement is intentionally off so they stand out more –  and the side seams are matched. I’m very pleased with the collar stand.

The instructions were fantastic, as always with Grainline Studio patterns, and the sew along got me through any picky bits. I had just enough material so I had to flat cut it…and forgot to flip over the sleeve pattern, arghhhhhh. Thankfully, both sides of this cotton shirting from Fabricville ($3 a metre, people) were the same, yay! So I flipped it over and figured it was okay that the markings were already there, I would remember which was which, right, right?!


I also inserted the placket the wrong way and had to unpick and resew it, twice.


Then, I inserted the sleeves the wrong way. Because I’m sleep deprived.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The sleeves are going to stay that way. I’ve decided that it’s a design element and it reminds me of the first few weeks with the little one. So there, mistakes happen and all you need is to either ignore them and if anyone points it out (like your mom) you just nod and say, yes that’s the way I designed it.


Well, it’s off to bed for me. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.


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